WEB FORTUNE MASTER | Jessica Bradley | An HONEST Review of Web Fortune Master!

WEB FORTUNE MASTER | Jessica Bradley | An HONEST Review of Web Fortune Master!

Web Fortune Master Review

Hi Everyone!  My name is Ann.  Today’s product review is of Web Fortune Master by Jessica Bradley. But before we get in to that, I wanted to tell you a few things about myself. I’ve been in internet marketing industry for quite some time now.  Not too long ago though, I was sinking a lot of money into different programs like this trying to make things happen financially for myself.  Let me just say this… nothing compares to the success I’m having today with Instant Payday Network and Empower Network.

Because I kicked a lot of tires over the years, I want to share my experience and knowledge with all of you so YOU don’t have to go through the same struggle that I went through.   Helping people has become something that I am very passionate about and that is my goal of this blog post.


Web Fortune Master costs $97 for their education course and $77 for their website software plus other costs.  From what I've read online, Web Fortune Master is a fake affiliate marketing site, full of fabricated misinformation masquerading as a business opportunity claiming that anyone can make a lot of money just by posting links.  What’s also bad is they have roped in a spokesperson that looks like a respectable businessperson, but looks can be deceiving.  As part of Web Fortune Master's bag of dirty tricks,  we start with the fake mom with the fake name, stock photo and story – and end with the phony check and calculations of how much one can allegedly make you see on so many of the other clone scam sites.

Truth is that Web Fortune Master is just a money pit that will never ever make anyone but the operators of this scam. It is a vehicle for their boiler room to reel in anyone gullible enough to buy the tens of thousands of dollars worth of worthless “business coaching” consultations that ultimately never teach you anything.

Web Fortune Master won’t help you make any money with link posting. In fact it’s very difficult to make much with this strategy. All they want is as much your money as you will allow yourself to get talked into giving them, so – don’t give it to them. It’s no joke – don’t.

If you want to make money online, honestly, nothing comes close to what I’m doing now! What I’m doing is FREE, and already producing me an income.  You can watch one of my videos on Youtube where I do a live demonstration (not a copy and paste image of income).

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For the reasons stated above, I can't recommend that you get involved in Web Fortune Master by Jessica Bradley.  Instant Payday Network, though, is another story because it’s 100% FREE to start making money now.  And with Empower Network, I earn 100% commissions on their training products.  But do you want to know the biggest reason I like these 2 programs?  It’s because I’m having the most financial success with them!!!!  ;)

How Would You Like To Earn An Easy Income Making Simple Reviews?


3wishes2adI make money off of simple little reviews just like this one.  I do a little research on the program, give a little insight to the online marketing industry, and people want to sign up  with me.   The reason I chose this system is because it’s really simple and very duplicatable!  Making money on the internet doesn’t have to be hard.  If you just believe in yourself,  follow my training and complete the action assignments, you could be living a life of design and freedom in the next 90 days.


The program I’m going to tell you about now is 100% FREE in the US, UK and Canada to start making money NOW!   If you follow the system, it WORKS!   Let me explain…..

This FREE system was created by my friend, Jeff Buchanan. Jeff’s system actually has ZERO FEES! Zero website fees. Zero maintenance fees! There are no hidden fees later on. There are no up-sales after you get in for FREE. You don’t need to know how to set up a web site, how to blog, how to do SEO. You don’t need to know how to do any of that stuff. It is truly ZERO FEES to get started.


1.Not an MLM!

2. No Bugging Friends and Family!

3. No Cold Calling!

4. No Product to Inventory OR Ship!

You get a:


FREE CAPTURE PAGE (35% — 52% conversions)

FREE AUTOMATED SALES FUNNEL (You get paid every day)

FREE AUTO — RESPONDER (Cost $20 — $30 per month elsewhere)


Jeff does most of the training himself.

This is a FREE system you can do at home. We have people making 10 to 20 thousand

dollars per month with this program.

The reason why our program stands alone from the other make money programs out

there like is because it cost zero dollars and zero cents to get started.

The Question you need to ask yourself is: “Why should you spend any money on any

product when you can do this one for FREE?”

Do not pull out your hard earned cash and spend money on another expensive program

with empty promises. You have a FREE program right here. You can get started for

FREE. You can start making money right away.

It’s 100% Free to get started!

To learn more about it, all you have to do is click this link right HERE!

You Might Be Asking Yourself, What About This Empower Network Program?

Step 4 of the Instant Payday System (which is an optional step I might add because it does cost money to start), is a 100% Commission Program designed for you to make money through a blog site created just for you.  I teach my team to start making money first with Instant Payday Network and then get involved with Empower Network when they feel more comfortable with the idea.

What Do You Get With Empower Network?

All the blog sites, domain hosting, autoresponder, etc. are all set up for you once you sign up.  The only thing to focus on is driving traffic to our blog sites.  How do we do that?  By doing these product reviews.   Create a product review and upload your video onto Youtube.  Then embed it on your blog site.  All the selling and telling is done for you.  The cool thing is you get to keep 100% of the commissions.  It is a completely turn key system.

The other neat part of this system is we have an awesome team with amazing support.  We have a daily webinar, Monday – Friday, that will teach you exactly how we are driving traffic.  You can get all your questions answered by the leaders we bring out every week that are making 5 and even 6 figure monthly incomes.  We also have a mindset call that will guarantee your results if you commit to it everyday, Monday through Friday.

It is the perfect fit for me and thousands of others within the Prosperity Team.  If this sounds like something that would be a good fit for you, stop what you are doing, click here right now, and make a decision to get started or continue on to Step 4 of your Instant Payday Network training.

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Prosperity Team Benefits that you can plug into:

-Live Prosperity Team Coaching Mastermind – Monday-Friday-

-Live “Think & Grow Rich” Mindset Call – Monday-Friday-

-10k per month Daily Action Assignments-

-Prosperity Team Training Site – Step By Step Tutorials-

-Prosperity Team Facebook Mastermind-

-Marketing Systems, emails & webpages that do all the selling for you-

And Most Importantly A Partnership Top Internet Marketers, Offline Marketers, 6 & 7 Figure Income Earners! All for less then it would cost for ordering pizza for the family 1 night!

To Your Success! Ann

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Ann Scritsmier

Work With Me - Empower Network Prosperity Team Leader

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  1. jay sanders November 7, 2013 at 2:00 pm - Reply

    i have heard of Empower Network and I have read the reviews on this Business. According to the reviews some of the former business rep feel that this business is a scams. I was in contact with a Empower Network rep is Business is located in Canada. I am little curious about the business but also cautions. I look into Web Fortune Master business but according to your reviews this is a scams!

    • admin November 8, 2013 at 6:51 am - Reply

      Thank you for your comment.  There will always be “noise” of people calling certain companies/products scams.  I never called Web Fortune Master a scam.  What I recommend in my review videos is for people to try something that’s FREE to make money online before buying into another program.

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